E-BALANCE Calculator

– Empirically-Based Assessment of outcomes for Lifestyle And Nutrition Change in Energetics

Welcome to the E-BALANCE calculator website!

This website contains calculators to estimate the amount of weight change that can be expected in free-living people who undergo an energy balance intervention, (e.g. reduced food intake, increased physical activity, or increased food intake), but have the ability to actively compensate (through intentional changes in food intake or physical activity) for the intervention.

These calculators are the result of a research project that analyzed 28 studies published between 1987 and 2012 on free-living adults. We assumed, based on the way each study was conducted, that participants in these studies could compensate actively for the intervention. These studies include 15 exercise interventions, 9 studies with added energy, 3 dietary restriction studies, and 2 studies that included both dietary restriction and exercise in the intervention. To be included in our analysis, the studies reported > 80% compliance with the intervention and have objective verification of compliance that is not based solely on self-report. For more details, please see the full paper at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/ijo.2014.184.

Click on one of the other tabs to find links to web-based tools that estimate weight change for a given intervention that account for passive compensation (such as metabolic adaptations that occur). You will then be able to take the estimate from these calculators and to use our calculator to adjust these estimates to the weight change that may be observed in free-living adults who can actively compensate for the intervention.