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The Handle is the Official Magazine for the UAB School of Public Health.



Fall / Winter 2014

This issue of UAB Public Health was envisioned as a different kind of magazine, a magazine filled with ideas we hope will see the light of day. With each of these ideas we want to “choose our own ending” by winning support for a new endowment or to establish project support funds. When we get to the “what ifs,” we want to be unflinching and creative in our directions. We want to push the boundaries of knowledge, we want to challenge conventional wisdom, and we want to boldly go where no school has gone before.












Spring / Summer 2014

This issue of UAB Public Health inaugurates the school’s capital campaign. For the next five years, our goal is to raise funds to support the creativity and innovation of the faculty and to attract the most engaged students to our academic programs. The newly launched undergraduate degree in public health has proven even more popular than anticipated, appealing to many of UAB’s pre-health profession students. These students bring a new vitality and enthusiasm to the school, pushing us all to be better teachers and engage an entirely different generation of thinkers. As the capital campaign moves forward, I anticipate strong interest in supporting these future public health scholars and professionals through new scholarships.