Comprehensive study examines gun-related deaths and how to prevent them

A new study suggests complex solutions to gun-related deaths and goals to decrease rates based on the type of death.

Travel course immerses UAB students in historic and contemporary public health issues across the Southeast

A new public health course explores issues that affect population health across the Deep South. The course will explore how public health systems are evolving to solve health issues affecting Southern communities in the modern era, as well as how history has shaped the current public health landscape.

UAB Ethics Bowl team will compete for national title

The UAB Ethics Bowl debate team beat 16 teams in the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl to advance to the national competition.

SOPH student, Vishwadha Gunda is named Miss UAB 2018

Vishwadha Gunda, a sophomore majoring in public health, was awarded a $2,500 scholarship, and also won the Talent award for her Bollywood-style dance performance.

Promoting School Connectedness among Minority Youth Through Experience-Based Urban Farming

Dr. Matthew Fifolt, an assistant professor in the department of health care organization and policy at University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health, served as first author in a descriptive case study that examined student and parent engagement with a local urban teaching farm.

Providing Family Planning Services at Primary Care Organizations after the Exclusion of Planned Parenthood from Publicly Funded Programs in Texas: Early Qualitative Evidence

Dr. Kari White, associate professor in the department of health care organization and policy at University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health was part of a team looking at the experiences of organizations providing family planning during the first year of an expanded primary care program in Texas.

Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement Among Persons with Hemianopia and Quadrantanopia

Dr. Gerald McGwin, professor in the department of epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health led a study on persons with homonymous quadrantanopia and hemianopia that experience driving restrictions, for which there is little scientific evidence to support driving prohibition among persons with these conditions.

SOPH: Study suggests psychedelic drugs could reduce criminal behavior

“These findings, coupled with both older and emerging bodies of evidence, make a case that classic psychedelics may provide enduring benefits for criminal justice populations,” said Peter Hendricks, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Health Behavior, in the UAB School of Public Health. “They certainly suggest that clinical research with classic psychedelics in forensic settings should be considered.”

UAB students propose innovative solutions to global issues at Clinton Global Initiative University

Founded in 2007 by former President Bill Clinton, CGIU engages the next generation of campus leaders to address global issues in the initiative’s five focus areas: education, environmental and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, and public health.

New software makes educational materials more accessible in developing nations

Education and training programs on the African continent have two recurring challenges: lack of textbooks or educational resources and lack of internet. The University of Alabama at Birmingham Sparkman Center for Global Health partnered with developers in Zambia and Ethiopia to develop a software solution, SparkEd, in response to these challenges.



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