Sickle cell gene linked to elevated risk of kidney failure in UAB study

New data from the REGARDS study show that blacks with the sickle cell trait are more likely to develop kidney failure requiring dialysis.

2017-18 Class of Alabama Schweitzer Fellows Named

Two Public Health students have been selected as Albert Schweitzer Fellows!

Students Inducted into Delta Omega Honor Society

Public Health Students were inducted into the Honor Society on Wednesday, May 29th. Dr. Janet Turan- a Delta Omega member- in the department of Health Care Organization and Policy inducted the spring 2017 members. Newly inducted members will be recognized during the Spring Convocation Ceremony in the Hill University Center, Friday, April 28, 2017 at 3:00pm. 

Meet Tyson Volkmann

It was a desire to improve the health of the neediest populations that led Tyson Volkmann, 2005 MPH graduate, to pursue a master's in public health.

Student Spotlight: Hassan Sadruddin

Hassan, a pre-medicine student, found his interest in public health. "I'm a dreamer," he said. And that's an understatement.

School of Public Health Faculty, Dr. Kari White, writes for The Washington Post

Dr. Kari White's article, Defunding Planned Parenthood was a disaster in Texas. Congress shouldn't do it nationally, was published in the Washington Post online on February 7, 2017. She is an investigator with the Texas Policy Evaluation Project. Dr. White co-wrote the article with Joseph E. Potter, who is the principal investigator of the Texas Policy Evaluation Project.

UAB SOPH involved in critical NIH study that identifies genomic features of cervical cancer

A significant new study by The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network, including a UAB physician-scientist, uncovers genetic mutations of cervical cancer that hold a key to targeting and treating the disease.

NEJM lauds UAB SOPH study as one of the top neurology stories of 2016

A UAB study confirming the efficacy of surgical removal of the thymus for patients with myasthenia gravis was cited as one of the top neurology stories of the year by the New England Journal of Medicine.



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