(MD/MSPH) Coordinated Doctor of Medicine / Master of Science in Public Health Curriculum Planning Sheet

Catalog 2016-2017  

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Coordinated Doctor of Medicine / MSPH
Curriculum Planning Worksheet 2016 - 2017

Students pursuing a MSPH degree are required to complete a 37 hour, self-paced Canvas online course entitled "Overview of Public Health" by the end of their second semester. This course includes time spent reading, watching videos, attending seminars, completing assignments, and taking quizzes. Individual course times may vary. Students with prior public health education (coursework in each of the public health core disciplines) or experience (5 years in public health) may be waived from this requirement by permission of the Associate Dean.
Course Name
Term Course
Credit Hours
Term /Year
Core Requirement (10 hours)
BST 611: Intermediate Statistical Analysis I C
BST 612: Intermediate Statistical Analysis II
EPI 610: Principles of Epidemiologic Research CO
Outcomes Research Track (21 hours)
HCO 601: Health Economics CO O   3    
HCO 621: Clinical Decision Making & Cost Effectiveness Analysis O     3    
HCO 623: Pharmacoeconomics and Regulation   O   3    
HCO 670: Social & Ethical Issues in Public Health CO O   3    
HCO 677: Patient-Based Outcomes Measurement   O   3    
HCO 687: Empirical Methods for Health Research   O   3    
HCO 691: Modeling & Simulation     O 3    
Credit from MD Curriculum (12 Hours)
Public Health Scholarly Project       8    
Special Topics       4    
Total Degree Hours Required

C= In class; O= Online; CO = Either Option Available; I = On site

* Indicates course taught every even calendar year