Student Forms

  1. Graduate Student Acdemic Appeal form - Masters and Doctoral - appeal course drop / add or withdrawal after stated deadlines
  2. Adjustment to Committee - Doctoral Program - request changes to dissertation committee
  3. Adjustment to Committee - Master's Program - request changes to master project committee
  4. Application for Admission to Candidacy
  5. Alabama Residency Reclassification for Tuition Purposes (Submit to the Graduate School)
  6. Application for Degree, Doctoral Program
  7. Application for Degree, Masters Program
  8. Application for Certificate Completion of Global Health Studies Program and  Favorable Recommendation for Global Health Studies Certificate Program
  9. Application for Readmission -  request readmission after dismissal for failing to meet scholastic or degree requirements
  10. Change of Name, Address or Student Number
  11. Change of Advisor - Request an academic advisor change
  12. Computer Resource Lab Access Form
  13. Course Substitution - request the substitution of "Track" or Elective" course
  14. Course Waiver Form  - request to be waived from a course that was previously completed in another program
  15. Request Thesis or Dissertation Approval Forms - Please use this link to access the Dissertation and Thesis Approval Form
  16. DrPH Dissertation Committee Form - following the successful completion of the comprehensive exam, a dissertation committee must be formed
  17. UAB HIPAA Compliance Website   
  18.  UAB IRB Training Webpage  - Please complete the UAB Online: Investigator 101 UAB Course-Initial 
  19. Incomplete Grade Form -  request consideration for an "I" grade
  20. Interdepartmental Change - request a change of departments
  21. Intra-departmental Change - request a change of degree, track and/or advisor within the same department
  22. Leave of Absence - students are expected to remain continuously enrolled throughout his or her course of study, Leave of absence forms must be complete for any term the student is not enrolled.
  23. Master's Project Committee Form - if your master's program requires a research project as part of the requirement for the degree, a committee must be appointed
    Nondegree Applications - Students who are not enrolled in a degree-granting program but need academic credit for graduate courses must fill out this form.
  24. Notification of Qualifying Exam Results
  25. Permission to Audit Graduate Level Coursework
  26. Recommendations for Master's Degree 
  27. Transfer of Graduation Credits - transfer graduate credit request from other universities.
  28. UAB Student Health History Form - Domestics
  29. UAB Student Health History Form - International