In order to preserve overall site cohesiveness and promote intentional, effective design, the Marketing & Communications Team has developed the following web standards as internal guidelines for content creation and updating: 

Centrally-Managed Pages

Pages which convey common information are to be moderated and maintained by the Office of Marketing & Communications. Any content which would be duplicate this information should instead reference and/or redirect to the managed page. This includes:

  • About - Birmingham: UAB main site updates and maintains an "About Birmingham" page and shall be used instead of an SOPH page.
  • About - School of Public Health: Use the main "About the School of Public Health" page at
  • Referencing tuition: Prohibited. All tuition information shall link directly to UAB's Paying for College page.
  • Resources: School-wide resources, for students, faculty, and staff, are located here.

Suggestions for content additions or edits may be requested via the M&C Services Request Form.

Email Signatures

School of Public Health email signatures are a variant of UAB's Brand Standards & Guidelines - Email Signatures. Use the template below to personalize your signature:

Name | Title
Office/Department Name
School of Public Health
UAB | The University of Alabama at Birmingham
RPHB [SUITE#] | 1665 University Blvd | Birmingham, AL 35294-0022
P: 205.555.5555 |
Knowledge that will change your world


*No images should be used in your email signature.



Sliders (or slideshows) are reserved solely for use on the site's home page (

Writing Style

  • Academic Titles: Do not use periods in academic titles. Ex: PhD, MPH.
  • MPH: "Master of Public Health."
    • MPH Concentrations: Use "Master of Public Health with a concentration in program" or "MPH with a concentration in program."
  • Phone Numbers: Format as (000) 000-0000.
  • "Public Health:" Capitalize when using as a proper noun in reference to the School of Public Health. Do not capitalize when using as an attribute or modifier. 
  • Referencing the School of Public Health: Avoid using "UAB School of Public Health;" instead, use "School of Public Health."